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Whether you’re just building up a following on our platform or targeting leads to get ahead of the competition, we have the tools you need.


£ 4
99 /month
  • Business Profile
  • Build a Following
  • Proactive Audience
  • Post Activities/Events
  • Monthly Metric Report
  • Interact With Followers
  • Link to Skiddle Account


£ 19
99 /month
  • Basic Features
  • Online Admin Dashboard
  • Realtime Custom Metrics
  • Local Area Trends & Alerts
  • Event/Promotion Targeting
  • Reach a Much Wider Audience


£ 59
99 /month
  • Basic Features
  • Advanced Features
  • Assigned sEshh Representative
  • Monthly Review & Strategy Meetings
  • Local Area Analysis & Customer Research

Why Choose Us?


We work on optimisation and automation, helping businesses like yours focus their marketing efforts on the things that really make a difference.


The sEshh platform attracts an audience unlike any other platform. Our proactive users make the perfect customers to hospitality, event and activity based businesses.


We use APIs from popular ticket sale and event promotion platforms so that you don't have to upload your event data in more than one place.


We are very customer centric at sEshh Ltd. We do everything in our power to ensure that your experience is as rewarding and intuitive as possible.


We would recommend going for the Basic Plan to get you started, but if you’re looking to promote events and offers in the near future, then it’s more cost efficient to register for the Advanced Plan whilst the introductory offer is still active.

The Dashboard is constantly being updated with new tools and features based on the needs of the users (you). The baseline features include tracking and targeting tools to ensure you reach the right audience when promoting your events and offers. Please get in touch and we can explain our roadmap of features in more detail.

Our audience demographic consists only of proactive and outgoing users, the people that use our service are always looking for things to do and experiences to get involved with. This audience ensures you maximise your marketing efforts and avoid wasting your promotional material on users that have no interest in what you have to say.

Yes you can! We’re working on implementing the best way of displaying offers and how users can interact with them. The offers functionality will initially only be available on the Advanced Plan but we are aiming to bring this feature to the Basic Plan in the future.

Unfortunately we do not have a free trial for any of the business accounts. If you pre-register for the Advanced or Professional Plans then you will incur no upfront costs whilst the R&D stages are executed, this is a great opportunity to feedback feature requests to the development team so that we can fine tune the platform to your needs.

The Basic Plan can be managed through the mobile app and it very intuitive, on top of that we are building a Wiki, recording walkthroughs and there is a FAQ page that can be found using the link in the footer. The Advanced & Professional Plans will have continued direct support from the sEshh team via email, phone, video call and face to face meetings/walkthroughs.

The Moments. The Madness.
The Memories.

If you would like to know exactly what we can do for your business then please get in touch.