The Moments. The Madness. The Memories.

Inspiring people through social media to step from behind the screen and into the moment, making lasting memories with the ones that mean the most.


Showcasing what’s popular and inspiring users to get involved! As well as what’s trending, the Discover feature displays a vast list of events all scheduled to take place in the selected city. Have a look around the sEshh map to see what’s going on and where, tap a map marker for more info and request to join if it floats your boat.


Got a house party coming up or fancy some company on your next gym sEshh? Post it on the platform for your followers to get involved with. Privacy concerns? Don’t you worry, all locations are hidden until a join request is accepted and you can even set your sEshh to ‘Invite Only’ giving you full control over who gets to see it!


Keep track of what you and your mates are up to and never miss out again! Use your own Feed to ensure you never forget an upcoming event and use your Friends Feed to see what they have planned for the future. Tap on any of the sEshh cards for more info and the ability to join in on the fun.


Details are important, tap any of the sEshh cards throughout the app and it will fire up the detail page. This where you can check out the all the event info, request to join, comment, share, invite and more.


Every sEshh head needs a sEshh profile. Check out what others have been up to, what they’ve got planned plus a little about themselves on the Profile page. Set your profile to ‘Private’ and no one will be able to see your info until you accept their follow request.


The more the merrier! We massively encourage you to get connected with all those that mean the most, making memories is the no. 1 goal. Use the invite feature to get everyone involved, regardless of who they are. Everyone deserves a good ol’ sEshh!


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Trust & Safety

Privacy is always a priority here at sEshh Ltd. Hidden locations give users control over who has access to the event location. Private mode hides all user data from non-followers.

Need Help?

If you're not sure about how to use the app or have any other questions then either check out the FAQ page or drop us a mail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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